Everyone remembers the first time they were pushed. Not encouraged, convinced or even considered — PUSHed. For many, the term alone evokes thoughts of unwillingness and force. We seek to change that pattern — to push back. Sparked from our desire to retain the revolutionary aspects of cannabis as it grows, we feel the responsibility to use this platform to celebrate, encourage and uplift those who reflect the wildly diverse world that we live in. PUSH is a cannabis lifestyle publication that engages in inspiring, solution-driven conversations in an open and inclusive environment that allows all who partake to feel safe and genuinely heard.
Join in the movement. Stand up, push back.

Abigail Ross


Abigail is a Southern California native currently living in Seattle. Over the course of her career, she has written, spoken, and curated content on all-things cannabis, and is passionate about the stories of those who have sparked its revolution. In 2016 she founded PUSH Mag to create a female-focused platform for women in the cannabis industry.

Khara Krawczyk

Chief Digital Strategist

Khara has been a Digital Marketer and Search Optimizer since 2008. She was born and raised on the East Coast, but currently lives in Los Angeles with her adorable pup, Roman. While she is an advocate of legal cannabis, she hopes to maintain the edgy aspects that made it fun to begin with.

Kinsey Litton

Content Manager

Though she spent most of her life in Tucson, Kinsey considers the Pacific Northwest to be her true home. After dabbling in a variety of jobs, she returned to writing to create a space for self-expression and thought-provoking, progressive conversation.

Jazz Williams

Graphic Designer

Inspired by the people and places that surround her and her deep-seeded love for music, Jazz is constantly creating pieces in all kinds of mediums. Her ultimate dream is to be an Imagineer, but will settle for some good old-fashioned girl power until then.

Meghan Ridley


Meghan unknowingly wrote her first drug publication when she was eleven – a handmade magazine, bound with yarn, including interviews with her dad about his favorite cigarettes. Honest discourse about cannabis for children and adults alike has always been her goal, a spirit that she aims to carry into this project.

Ophelia Chong

Creative Consultant

Ophelia Chong started Stock Pot Images and AACE on April 20, 2015. Inspired by her sister, who uses cannabis to treat an incurable disease, Ophelia sought out to change how the media perceives cannabis users. Her business mission is to offer truthful reflections of the faces and communities that embrace this beautiful plant.