Overcoming Judgement: Farrah Blake’s Guide To Being A “Pot Parent”

Farrah Blake's Guide To Being A Pot Parent?

My son Sebastian will be 4 this year and as I sit back and reflect on his toddlerhood, I really couldn’t have done it without two things. The first thing is having a strong support system and the second a substantial amount of weed. Yup, weed! The funny thing is I use to be ashamed about being a so-called “Pot Parent.” Now what is a Pot Parent you may ask? Well, I’m glad you did. You see I don’t have a “Google it” defintion yet, but to put it simply it’s a parent(s) who prefers to indulge in cannabis. Now, no one is perfect, and on some girls nights I do like a glass or two of Barefoot wine (I’m a simple girl) but generally speaking, I prefer good ol Mary Jane anyday. When I used to express my feelings about being a Pot Parent on different social media platforms, I did experience a little backlash. People made me feel like what I was doing was scandalous or even reckless. However, if I don’t judge the mommy who loves drinking a glass of wine after a hard day then why judge me for loving to smoke a jay after a hard day?

To be quite honest, cannabis frequently helps me be a better parent. For example, after a long commute from New Jersey to New York, working a 10 hour shift, then coming back home and having to make dinner and be in mommy mode for the rest of the night can be exhausting to say the least. However, after smoking a little Blue Dream everything fits into a nice perspective. I am a part of an innovative company that empowers women to make them feel beautiful. After I finish my day at work, I come home and do what I love, which is cooking and creating content for my blog. And best of all, I get to spend time with my rambunctious son who I love from here to the moon. I’m not saying that smoking weed is for every parent, but if you choose to do it, be proud, be educated and do it like the gold star Pot Parent I know you are. Oh, and if you need some tips I gotcha back. Here are my top four tips to being a successful Pot Parent:

1. Plan Your Schedule: With cannabis usage, it’s all about the when and the where. Finding the best time to smoke is pretty simple. If you are more of the wake-and-bake type then the best time to smoke is after you drop your child off at daycare or school. Make a nice clean drop off, chat and show face with the other parents and teachers then off to your spliffs. I also prefer naps and/or bedtime as a good time to smoke. I’m not saying go off somewhere and leave your child unattended, but if you have a porch or backyard or a private room where you can be discreet, then that is ideal. Last but not least and my personal favorite is “Date Night” or when the grandparents or dedicated friend take the little rascal(s) for the weekend. In this particular case, smoke till your heart’s content.

2. Monitor Your Usage: Before I had my son I wasn’t very good at keeping track of how often I smoked or how much for that matter. However, being a pot parent means you have to learn how to monitor these things. Now, person to person usage does vary so all I can say is be smart about it and learn to gauge your dosage. If you find it useful, keep a list of the amount and kind of cannabis you consume and the way it makes you feel, that way you can go back to your favorites.

3. Make a Budget: Being a parent means it’s not just about you anymore and the expenses begin to stack up quickly. From diapers to wipes, clothes, childcare and many other surprises that are sure to pop up, you have to be smart with your money. The best thing to do is to create a budget for yourself. Be sure to factor in rent or mortgage, groceries, car payments, phone bill, etc and set aside a number that you feel comfortable spending. Treat it as a luxury item and should you save a little extra money, be sure to splurge on a fancy new joint or a nug just for you.

4. Craft the Explanation: Just like you have the birds and the bees talk, one day your child is going to ask you about drugs. As a parent, you always have to plan ahead and prepare as much factual information and personal life experiences (if you feel comfortable doing so). At the end of the day, you have to be conscious of where your child gets their information because it is inevitable that as they get older they will find it – if not from you than from the internet. So my advice is to just be blunt about it.


About Farrah Blake: After being laid off from her job at Verizon Wireless and evicted from her first apartment. Farrah Blake decided to grow some lady balls and follow her dreams. She took up a new job at an innovative start up and began creating content for her blog I Am Baby Dinosaur that married her two favorite things food and sharing personal experiences about cannabis. She is a mother of one who resides in East Orange New Jersey.
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  1. Love this article… Marijuana is used for many of purposes ..even medicine. I believe its safer and less toxic then alcohol. Bravo…this article was everything

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