topshop_clear_knee_mom_jeansKnees Are The Windows To The Soul

“Slick plastic panels bare your knees for a futuristic feel in tapered and cropped high-waist jeans,”

The weirdest part to me is that Nordstrom sells Topshop. That’s a thing?

Urban Outfitters Extreme Crop TopIn Other Bad Clothing News…

I like that girls tweet about this ‘wife beater shrug.’ I like to imagine there is a very clever stoned millennial somewhere at an Urban Outfitters headquarters just making this shit up.

       you are listening to LAThe Sur(real) Sounds Of LA

YouAreListening.To is a website that mashes police-scanners in different cities and ambient music, making for an eerie listening experience. Not sure when I would put this on, but I like that it exists.

man crosses atlantic on paddle boardThis Guy Makes Me Feel Lazy

A South African man, Chris Bertish, just set the World Record for crossing the Atlantic Ocean solo, unassisted, unsupported, and on a stand-up paddle board.

He paddled the equivalent of a marathon a day, for 93 days, in a tricked out solar-paneled paddle board equipped with a sleeping area, and apparently wi-fi,  since he even managed to upload photos. Oh, and it was to raise donations for his charitable causes. High five, dood!

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