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    Brujas, the New York based youth-driven organization has stopped asking for what they want and started creating it. Between their upcoming streetwear collection,
    local activism and expanding voice in media – their future really will be whatever they decide.


    If you’ve tried Falcanna Cannabis you know the best things come from the Earth. Owner and mastermind,
    Bethany Rondeau, gives us a peek into her unimaginably unique life running a cannabis grow and a falconry out on the Olympic Peninsula.


    Sexual assault is a loaded topic with roots deeply embedded in our social structures and solutions that too often place the solution in the victim’s hands.
    But what if we changed the way we react to instances of sexual assault?


    Chicago-based DJ, creative, and activist sat down with us to discuss the realities of being a woman of color in male-dominated industries,
    her advice for self-empowerment and most importantly: overcoming the bullshit.